Joel Cummings

On the topic of Computer Science

These days vendors want you to create software for multiple platforms be it mobile, desktop, tablet etc. While a lot of components can be transferred without issue there are a surprising number of hangups for things that are so similar and it makes one wonder how serious they are about getting developers to create products across the ecosystem. 

For example, Apple uses multiple colour definitions between platforms with UIColor being used on iOS devices while NSColor is used on the Mac, why NSColor wasn’t just brought over I don’t know, another example is the UITextVIew and the TextView which serve a similar purpose, have similar attribute but use different names for them. These small things lead to a lot of time looking up documentation for each class to figure if that attribute exists and what it is called. Over the course of a project it gets easier but why not spend the time integrating these basic components better so more developers will jump on board.